Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Year Past

Pretty much this is what happened last year....

January - Jen found out she was pregnant.  Chris asked if we could get a puppy first.
February - Jen got a valentine's balloon from Chris and earrings
March - In like a lion out like a lamb....don't remember much else
April - We were definitely looking at houses to buy, bought a puppy, named him Leo
May - Jen graduated college with her Bachelor's degree
June - Jen and Chris bought a house
July - Probably had a baby shower or two
August - Jen's unit deployed to Iraq, Jen no longer had orders for the military.  Baby Bradley was born on the 20th.
September - Chris and Jen had visitors from California.
October - Jen's birth month.  She tried to celebrate all month.
November - Baby's first Thanksgiving.  We went to my mom and dad's house, took Leo and Phil with us.
December - Baby's first Christmas.  Had Uncle Brad and Grandma Debbie Campos over for visits.  Went to mom and dad's house.

That's the definite quick update.  Any questions?