Monday, June 28, 2010


IT'S A GIRL! placenta previa is gone....

But....I don't have enough water in the amniotic back on Wednesday to see if I was successful at getting it up. My guess is no because I've been very sick and haven't been able to keep up with the fluid/protein/eating task set forth by the doctor....

BUT...IT'S A GIRL! Her name is Amelia Claire and Bradley lifts my shirt and gives her kisses. He's so cute.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Chris asked me this evening, "What kind of pants are those?"

My response, "Maternity pants."

"Oh they're grumpy pants!"

Yes people I'm having a grumpy day house is never clean enough or picked up enough. I hardly had a break. Chris might have a business trip coming up and I wonder if I'll ever get a pedicure again....oh the joys.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just One of Those Days....

Have you ever woken up and after about half an hour wish you were back in bed? That is me this Sunday. I saw the clouds through the curtains and remembered the forecast. Rain. Even though the clouds covered the sky with the nice cool breeze, perfect sleeping weather, I got up, took a shower and was thinking of my lesson I wanted to teach for Sunday School. I was prepared ahead of time so knew I had time to do some extras if I needed to.

I decided to make some handouts for my class and headed for the office. I was elated at how the handouts worked. All I needed to do was find the correct stock paper to print it on. While looking through a pile (that I was told is in the organized, uh I mean unorganized office) out of the corner of my eye I found a spider. Not only was it NOT a Daddy Long Legs but something that looked dreadful and dangerous in my mind. I quickly took a deep breath and dove into the pile of papers, hoping another one wouldn't pop up somewhere all the while thinking, it's for the gospel. Finally I found the correct stock paper that was not in the organized pile it should have been in but another random place, where if I had been the one to organize the office would have put it in that particular spot to begin with.

Relaxed I was ready to print.....I clicked the top little printer at the top of my screen only to find....nothing printing. What the heck? Of course my husband unplugged the printer so he could plug in his iPad and do some programming. After carefully plugging in the printer and trying to reprint I realized, the document was gone....vanished. In it's place was a new blank document....Document 4. My document was Document 3. I minimized everything and earnestly looked for my little handouts. They were no where to be found on the computer. Completely vanished. I took a deep breath and began to retype. The problem was fixed.

I thought I would organize my notes and thoughts better for my class....the problem with this is now the keyboard wasn't working. Really? This was absolutely driving me insane. I opened a new blank document and it began to work until I tried to put bullets in the document, then what would appear, but the document no longer working again. I closed the program and then waited for it to restart. Things were finally working out and I found another handout to give my students.

Now since this was done, I could head over to my scrap booking area and grab the specially designed scissors that would make cute little edges for my students' handouts. This was working great until in the middle of cutting one set of handouts, the scissors stopped working and something came unaligned. I'm the type of person who has to have everything the same, so I struggled an extra few minutes manipulating the scissors to work properly so I could have all the handouts look the same. As for the second handout they definitely had a different cut to them, which was planned anyway.

Finally I made myself a bagel with cream cheese, grabbed myself a vitamin water and was almost ready to head out the door, when I realized my "whities" were definitely the wrong ones to wear with my dress, therefore clinging to the Sunday dress and pulling up the skirt portion. After little debate I headed to the bedroom and changed my "whities" then everything seemed fine.

Chris and Bradley just left a few minutes prior in order to get some breakfast. It was wet out but that was it. With my half eaten bagel in hand and bottle of Vitamin Water I was ready, I was packed, I was organized. I opened the door, it was a down pour. I sighed but then folded my paper plate in half to protect my bagel, locked the door and headed for the truck. As soon as I got in the truck I realized my bagel was pouring water, not just a little. I was quite surprised at how much water kept gushing out of it onto the seat and me. That's when I realized it wasn't the bagel and rain, but the bagel, rain and vitamin water. The lid had fallen off. I sat in the Toyota Tacoma and took a deep breath along with a few bites of my bagel, ran back inside changed again then headed out for church looking like something the cat dragged in. Thank goodness I can laugh at my self and say, "It's just one of those days."