Tuesday, October 5, 2010

First Day of School

Bradley went to his first day of nursery school today, he's too young for pre-school. He meets with his class Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-1:30. Today was a little shorter because it was the first day for them. He absolutely loved it! Bradley had no separation anxiety and didn't even get his coat or back pack off before trying to run around the entire room to play.

Typically they ask the parents to stay outside the classroom because of the separation anxiety, but like I said, he did well and they said I could leave. I got to the car and cried a little. Then was confused what to do. So....I went home and cleaned a little.

When I got back to the classroom, there was five minutes left before class ended. I peeked through the little window and saw Bradley running around and laughing. They had a little tunnel set up and the kids would crawl from one teacher at one end (Ms. Alguire) to the teacher at the other end (Ms. Barker). Bradley could hardly wait until his turn. He'd go in one end and crawl out the other laughing and giggling to get back in line for another turn.

At the end, they had all the kids sit together on the rug and then they opened the door for the parents. Bradley didn't even move until he saw me, just smiled for all the parents taking pictures. Once he saw me he got up and ran and giggled. Then he headed right out the door without his coat or back pack. We of course got it, put it on.

I turned to Bradley and asked if he had fun....his answer, "Yeah."

"Can you say thank you to your teachers?"

Bradley ran back to the door of the class room and yelled, "THANK YOU!" Waved bye bye and we left. He's been on cloud nine ever since.

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Big Belly

Today I start my 8th month of pregnancy. We are naming our little girl Amelia (which means hard working). This pregnancy has been just that. Who knows what the coming weeks will bring right now, but the doctors think it's a possibility I may go into pre-term labor. We definitely had a scare yesterday and we'll see what happens. I'm only 31 weeks right now. If I can hold out for six more weeks that would be great.

People I don't expect to hear from have told me to slow down, but honestly I don't think I'm doing too much at all, regardless I've taken my list of 30-40 things I hope to accomplish in a day (I never do trust me on this one) and have cut it back to about 20. I have two callings in church, one is a very big one and the other not quite as large. Regardless I'm doing my best and have slowed down with that work as well.

In the meantime, I'm tired, trying to drink even more water then before and enjoying my toddler. He keeps a smile on my face and me on my toes. He loves his dog and is a good eater, inventor and overall just a good boy. He starts nursery school tomorrow and picked out his own folder for school (it's a Toy Story one). He's going to be a great big brother. I'm very proud of him. In the meantime, the rain has us watching more movies then I want and the chill in the air has the oven baking goodies. Even though it's difficult sometimes, I love this life! :)