Friday, June 19, 2009

Missing - Shoes

I LOVE shoes. I love a lot of things, but I really LOVE shoes. Now I used to have a moderate collection of them, however they have dwindled just a bit, mainly because our dog Leo has eaten them. Don't get me wrong, Leo wasn't the first dog to eat my favorite pair of shoes, nor are dogs the only problem with me and shoes.

Lucy, my Siberian Husky has, in the past, eaten and destroyed my favorite pair of "jean" shoes. They were this lovely pair of heels that were a sand color, wooden pump with what looked like a mix of rope and burlap for the sandely strap on the top. They had this cute little bow on them. They were great with jeans or capris, they were like a casual heel. Within weeks of owning them they were gone. Those were the only shoes I know of that she ate.

Then Leo.....he ate my next pair of "jean" shoes. They were black and strappy, just on the fronts, nothing going up the side or leg. They looked great with dresses or jeans. Definitely could be casual or more formal. Within months of having Leo in our life they were gone.

Leo has eaten a very comfortable and cute pair of mahogany colored clogs, that were great with jeans and most recently my last pair of black pumps. They were pointy toed and had just an ever so slight black bow on the top heel of the shoe, they were shiney and well fantastic. They are now owned by the dump.

I once had a pair of pink sandled heels that who knows where they went, they too looked great with jeans. I bought them specifically for this dress that was all black and white with this bright pink flower on it. They matched perfectly. Now it just seems lost without it.

I will never forget the red high heels I owned. I towered over many things when I wore those. I think my ex still has them, I definitely don't care about the ex, just my heels.

Then I once owned a pair of what I like to call "brown hooker boots." These boots were great with jeans and zipped up just below my knees, at the top of my calf. I lost those somewhere almost two years ago.

Now I'm down to only owning one pair of great shoes I can wear with jeans and a few outfits. They have a black heel and are a giraffe print, that is silky. I don't have a pair of black heels to really wear out anymore unless I want to look like a business woman, which I'm not.

Most of my shoe shopping is done at Aldo's ( I used to go there often. Now I just imagine what it would be like to shop there again. Right now I picture myself as a person walking through the mall, stopping at the window of the shoe store and staring inside like a little kid looking through the glass window of a toy store.

Someday I will find my collection of shoes building back up and I once again will live a life in a paradise of gorgeous, colorful and comfy shoes. Until then it's the sparkley flip flops and the occassional business shoe.