Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Four Years

Four years ago yesterday Chris and I got married. I cannot believe it's been that long, yet sometimes I look at the length and feel it should be much longer then four years. By no means is that in a negative way. I am very lucky to be married to him and our story is quite a different one indeed, saved for another time, when I'm more awake.

In those four years, Chris and I have faced challenges, tears both of joy and happiness as well as love and understanding, appreciation and comfort.

Our marriage we snuck off and got married by the Justice of the Peace. Chris picked the location and did all the work that goes along with it. All I had to do was show up. We didn't tell family and very few friends, in fact about a week after getting married, I sent out an email with a picture saying we said our "I do's." We didn't ever take a honey moon. A few days after getting married the Army shipped Chris off to a school. When he came back, we were supposed to take a quick weekend honeymoon to Niagara Falls. He came back with news the Army pushed his deployment date forward by nearly two weeks and he was leaving in four days for Iraq. I will never forget the day I dropped him off. He held onto his M4 Rifle and I kissed him goodbye. It was then I headed to my dad's office and couldn't even hold back the tears. He closed his office door and let me cry.

Our one year anniversary Chris was in Iraq. I knew he was going to get extended by a few months but he didn't believe it. Turns out I was right. I completed military training that summer and anxious for him to come home. I was very nervous when he did come home that he would no longer like me or we'd be too different and I stayed faithful for nothing.

Our second anniversary I was pregnant with our son. Less then a month lady our little bundle of joy was born. We struggled through the first part of that pregnancy and it tested our marriage. We cried at times, yelled at others but in the end came home with a beautiful little boy that would forever change our lives and make us smile. We also bought our first house that year and I graduated with my BA in Creative Writing.

The third anniversary was much different then the first two. We suffered a miscarriage earlier that year and debated over when to try again for another baby. Our son was nearly a year old and learning to walk and testing our patience.

Now the fourth anniversary is better yet. Chris and I are going to have a little girl in December. Our son has grown into his terrible two's a few months early. He is potty training. We moved from Oswego to Rome, NY. We rented out our house. Chris has a very secure job working for a company contracted by the government and has graduated with his BA in Information Science. I stay at home with our son.

When I look back at where we were to where we are now it's astonishing. We went from a couple struggling together to a beautiful and very happy family. I love my life, I love my life with my husband and more then anything I love that man who has supported me through thick and thin. There is no one here I'd rather spend eternities with then my husband, the goofy, funny, caring, honest and hard working Christopher Campos. I love him.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teaching With Love

I have recently prayed, read and think I know how to address the situation at hand. It is to "Teach with Love."

When I joined the LDS church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints), I was persecuted to a great extent. It was a very difficult challenge in my life, yet made me a strong person. There was a time when I left the church but decided that wasn't for me. Now I'm back into it and have a new perspective. I have realized my challenge is I still get persecuted. I'm finding there are little side comments about how "Mormons" are. I ask for those of you who don't know, ask. When I say ask, I mean ask someone who knows. For instance, don't tell me how a Mormon is if you aren't one. I've been a member of this church for ten years. I'll gladly tell you or show you by my example what it means to be a member of this church. Please don't assume you know because you read something online. I can promise you not everything you read online is true.

This is what I know to be true....making fun of someone for their religious beliefs may be fun for you at the time, but consider the feelings of that person you are talking about. I don't like someone making fun of what I believe and I have made it my personal goal not to make fun of other beliefs. It's sad in this day and age, the choice one makes NOT to drink, smoke, do drugs is considered bad in some sort of way. I dress modestly. I like to dress modestly and honestly the only person who should see me immodest is my husband. My body is for him to look at during our intimate moments. My body is sacred. I believe families are forever, not for time on Earth. I don't believe not having your infant baptized will leave them in some limbo state. We are not responsible for other people's sins. That would make God unjust. I do believe in baptism, but baptism by immersion in water, when we are at an accountable age. I know there is a living prophet here on Earth today, guiding us and leading us in the correct direction. Mormons do NOT practice polygamy. Yes WAY back in the beginning of the church history they did, but no longer do so and haven't for many many years. Mormons do like to have fun but feel like alcohol isn't needed in order to do so.

Please don't assume. If you have questions I'd be happy to answer them for you or set you up with a meeting with someone who can answer your questions. Finally if ever in doubt please check out this website set out by the LDS Church, It is there to answer any questions you may have. Thank you and I do love you, I just ask you please consider how others may feel when you speak harshly about something very important to them. Remember "Teach with Love."

Friday, July 16, 2010

The List Updates

Once we get to summer, it's close to Bradley's birthday....I can't believe my little boy is going to be two in August! On top of all that, he has a little sister on the way. As corny as it may be I have updated our wish lists.

For Bradley we are focusing on Thomas the Train. He LOVES trains and we decided we'd collect the wooden railway set. It's a little more expensive but a lot more durable. Plus we plan on keeping it for years to come. People always ask what to get Bradley so I'm sending the list with his birthday invites this year.

Chris didn't want to update his much at all, except to add a new gift card and Ford Taurus (yes the real thing and not a toy).

Me. It's pretty much the same. I just added a few things here like towels but other then that I'm all set. Honestly a pedicure would be fantastic.

The newest addition is, well our newest addition to be....Amelia! She's due in December. So I added the things from her baby registry we started and found some toys she may want to play with throughout the year. I'm registered at Burlington Coat Factory and soon I'll be registered at Babies R Us.....check it out if you want. I LOVE the nursery theme, it's registered through Burlington Coat Factory.

Anyway that's it for us! Updated lists and as I buy for birthday's and Christmas I'll continue to update. :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Wonderful Day With My Little Shrimp

I absolutely LOVE my new ward I'm in. Not only are there mostly boys Bradley's age in nursery, but the moms all want to hang out. I took the initiative last week and gave out magnets with our info on them for play dates (I've had these magnets made since June just didn't hand them out). Anyway, some of the moms were taking their kids blueberry picking today. Needless to say, I agreed, although as a child I didn't like it very much.

The ladies met at 8am....and started picking. Of course those who know me well know this didn't happen with me....Bradley and I showed up around 8:45. Bradley was good at it in the beginning but then saw a wagon and dropped his little basket, ran over to the wagon (while stepping on his blueberries) and played. He ran up and down the rows of bushes. He even would come over and start munching on my blueberries in the bucket. He had a blast. He was covered in dirt, mud and of course blueberries. The best part, the oldest child was not even three yet. It all worked out perfectly.

I filled my bucket about three quarters of the way and then we headed off to pay. I ended up with about fourteen to fifteen cups of blueberries and only paid $7! Talk about excited. I can't wait to go back. While leaving, if we saw a good bush, which we of course stopped and added it to our bucket as well. Let me clarify....I added to my bucket and Bradley added it to his mouth.

After picking blueberries, we came home and ate lunch. When that was over Bradley and I worked on writing letters (which is him scribbling, which is fine). We also worked with a two year old book on tracing. Then we colored. He was so excited about all of this.

Finally we both laid down for a nap. It was wonderful. I had to set my alarm though because we weren't close to ending our day. Bradley and I headed to swimming lessons at the Y. He's in the shrimp class. He loved jumping in the pool, blowing bubbles in the water, dunking his head in the water and just getting out that energy my almost two year old has. His teacher was quite impressed with him. When she watched him go under water, he was smiling before, during and afterward. I talked to the teacher how Bradley still remembers from last year how to kick, etc. I said Chris and I wanted to let him try on his own but we are scared to let go. She had us put a little flotation device on him, which is strapped to his back. We did it and let go....HE CAN SWIM! He laughs, talks, everything while doing it. He KNOWS to keep his head up. I'm so proud of my little shrimp. He now has the beginning of a life lesson that could literally save his life one day. He's so cute at swimming. Once he kept kicking and ended up swimming in a circle. His teacher was extremely excited and if you can't tell, I am too. I can't wait to show daddy what his little boy can do.

After swimming we came home, ate dinner then off we went again. We headed to my cousin's house to feed and take care of her dog (she's out of town right now). Bradley played with Sherman (her beagle). He fed him some cheese and then tried to give him his dog food. Then it was off to get daddy a Frosty....he was working late tonight and we wanted to give him a treat. Finally it was home, brush Bradley's teeth then off to bed. What a busy day but very eventful and very entertaining.

As for tomorrow it's the zoo with our new friends! Until then, it's picking up the house and doing dishes, all of it well worth it for a day like today.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I think I finally figured it out this week.....while giving Bradley a bath, I clean him, then let him play, during that time I my scriptures, prepare my lesson (what I can while sitting on the bathroom toilet making sure my little man doesn't slip), read magazines, whatever the case.

To make matters better, while getting Bradley to sleep (typically an hour process), I can do the same. You see Bradley has had a very difficult time falling asleep since we've moved. Partially my fault, partially Chris's fault and partially Bradley. Anyway we started out sitting next to his bed and slowly have moved a chair farther and farther away. Now we are out in the hall, next to his door. If I turn on my bedroom light I have enough light to read, etc. Let me tell you I feel fulfilled!

If I keep my chores to Monday and work really hard, then several times a week I have peace and quiet (with no anxiety) about reading, doing extras and the list can go on. I worked very hard this past Monday and the Monday's before and finally, other then daily up keep, I'm enjoying extra time with Bradley and to myself. I already feel well prepared for Sunday's lesson (other then typing out my notes), I have done extra reading from a manual to help with teaching, I've worked with Bradley on letters, worked on an educational book for two year olds and tracing, Bradley and I colored today, played outside, took naps, I read leisurely (not once but twice). I honestly feel WONDERFUL! So far I have a plan....tomorrow if the weather is decent we are going blueberry picking (thanks to some great girls from church who invited me this evening). I am thrilled.

I know this plan will change when my little girl comes into this world but for now she's still baking in my belly, but until then.....I feel better, I have a place and I'm doing something productive other then the usual cleaning, errands and feeling like a robot. :)