Thursday, August 13, 2009

Spa Nails

I absolutely love getting manicures and pedicures, although so far this summer, there has been no pedicure....hopefully someday I will get one again. Maybe my mother in law will go with me in California, my own mother doesn't care for them.

What I love the most about getting my nails done is that some simple little element really makes me feel and look that much better. I always chose the French Manicure. Yes I have fake nails AND they were in exchange for HBO. I felt it was an even trade off. Both have monthly payments. If we get rid of one I'm sure the other would shortly follow.

I don't particularly like the way it feels as they file down my nails (I don't like them real long like some women). The way it feels grosses me out a bit. The only way I can think to describe it is honestly sanding your finger nails. I didn't like it before I put the acrylic pleasures on, so I often left my nails designed by way of the nail clipper.

So what in particular is it that makes me feel good about my nails that are finished? First off they complete any outfit. Black dress, white dress, shorts, swimsuit, even gym clothes. Sometimes it feels like the forgive all of running out of the house without any make up, hair in a ponytail, not sure how long ago it was now that you actually put effort into it. Then when someone sees the nails and the baby right along with me, they understand and think, "She's doing the best she can to be put together."

I have discovered being a mom requires me, and many other women, more effort into being put together, especially between cries for attention, diaper changes, feedings, etc. When Chris and I were dating, I always curled my hair, put makeup on, picked out the right outfit. Even after we were married, I ran to the bathroom and put mascara or something on before he rolled out of bed, it took me awhile to get used to the idea that he was going to see me without makeup. Now Chris is lucky to see me with makeup. Over the past couple of months I have put in a much more conscious effort into makeup and doing my hair everyday. Now within the past few weeks, as long as I put makeup on it's good progress. It's way too hot to dry my hair and if it's humid out you can forget it, any curls or style I had would be lost in the matter of minutes.

So now every two weeks I go to Oswego Spa and Nails, on West 1st Street and sit down for about half an hour and try to relax as I get pampered. Sometimes I try to stretch out the two weeks farther to fifteen, sixteen days; it all depends on the hitting it right for special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, etc. Also after two weeks, it really is a struggle; even though you have acrylic nails, your real nail still grows and you can't just cut them with normal nail clippers.

Getting my nails done really is my guilty pleasure. I feel guilty every time I go. I know Chris and I could use the money for something else, but we could also use the extra HBO money for something else too. I guess both of them are our guilty pleasures, but in that space of thirty minutes every two weeks, I know it's something just for me.

I don't buy new clothes. I hate clothes shopping for myself now because I'm not comfortable in my new mom body. I am still trying to get used to the idea that I actually HAVE to try something on before I buy it. Who has time for that when you shop with a toddler? When I do go shopping for myself I get something for Chris or the baby instead and I'm ok with that. Recently I just told Chris, who hadn't gotten me my anniversary gift yet, to just let me use the money to get Bradley new clothes, which he desperately needed. You see normally he gets really great quality clothing. I just with my best friend to the outlet mall, during their big sales. Turns out I misjudged what I had for the next size, which he's now starting to go into, so I used my anniversary gift money for my little boy. Do I still want a present? Heck yeah! But it'll have to wait, until then you can see me on West First Street one week from Saturday, enjoying a guilty pleasure.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Almost One

Our little boy is almost one year old, next week to be exact. He has grown and changed so much it's amazing. Of course he isn't the only one who has grown up a bit. Chris and I both did too. We went from carefree craziness to slowing down with the family life, which is much more relaxing, I think.

Since many people have been asking us what to get Bradley for his first birthday party (which will be on Saturday, August 22nd from 1-3), I have made a list. I do update the list as soon as I know of something someone has gotten him, that way we don't have multiples. The list is located on the left hand side of the blog and I included the place where I found the item, of course it can be purchased anywhere.

Here's the agenda, as far as I know....Thursday, August 20th - Bradley's actual birthday. We are going to have a little family celebration, just Chris, Bradley and myself. We are going to go to Friendly's and eat dinner and get Bradley some icecream. He LOVES icecream (definitely taking after his daddy). We will also give him a present that day. I'm hoping every year we can have a "family party" before his actual "friend/family party." I have also gotten this wonderful idea from a friend of mine, which is to write a letter to Bradley on his birthday every year and when he's old enough, give him a stack of letters from his mom. I'm hoping I can get his dad into it too, but I don't think Chris is that into it, I'll have to ask.

Saturday, August 22nd - his first birthday party with cake, candles, lots of presents and some of his friends and family. We already have the party favors done and presents wrapped. We're just waiting on food and cake, which it's too early for that stuff right now. We are pretty well prepared for it.

Monday, August 24th - Bradley's one year check up. Probably not very fun.

Thursday, August 27th - flying to California. There's a wedding to attend and possibly another first birthday party with Chris's side of the family. I don't have a confirmation on that one yet, but I'm trying to get one, soon I hope.

Monday, August 31st - fly home and hopefully relax a little.

It's going to be crazy but it's going to be fun. I can't wait for his birthday party and see all of his presents! All is welcome on August 22nd, let me know ahead of time if you are coming, so I have a big enough cake and enough food! Remember I'll keep his list updated and if you need more ideas let me know.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Joys of Motherhood

Recently I have been thinking of the joys of motherhood. I LOVE that I stay home with my little boy and get to see him grow. I wouldn't want to miss it for the world. Bradley knows: nose, mouth, eye. You say them and he will take your finger and point to yours. We are still working on him trying to point to his own, however he doesn't like anyone touching his hands.

As a mom I am absolutely enthralled with almost living a second childhood. Many of you know, as a kid you can't wait to grow up. As an adult sometimes one may wish they savored the moment just a little more. As a parent, I most certainly love my child enjoying experiences I never had, enjoyed myself or thought about but never tempted.

I try to take Bradley with me almost everywhere. Shopping at the mall is ok, because normally we meet up with my best friend and her two kids. Bradley loves the beach and two days ago was actually trying to "jump" over the waves, according to his daddy. I wish I was there to see it, but I was enjoying a much needed break. The baby loves icecream and every once in awhile we take him out for one. If the weather is nice on a Thursday we head to the farmer's market for some fresh fruits and vegetables.

Yesterday, we went grocery shopping together. I have been taking him with me on this adventure more times then not lately. For anyone who is aware of the early toddler years, this can be quite challenging. Not only are you trying to get the things on your list but entertain a young boy (in my case at least). I find I talk to him a lot while shopping and make funny noises when pulling things off the shelf. Now when I go alone to the grocery I make the same swoosh noises or clunk noises I do when I'm with the baby. Once I notice I do this habitual act, I quickly turn to see if anyone saw or heard. Unfortunately sometimes my actions don't go unnoticed.

The grocery store adventure yesterday brought about new surprises and risk taking. As I pulled into the parking lot I noticed an available race car shopping cart. I quickly snatched it up and even though it took me about five minutes to buckle the baby in, the buckles obviously weren't working right, I was bound and determined to make this work. Right away Bradley loved it. He started turning the wheels even before he was buckled. As I was pushing my wide load through the store, this proved to be more difficult then I could imagine. The cart felt heavy and there are no quick easy turns, but very wide. If I came to a stop because I needed to grab something off the shelf, Bradley would turn the steering wheel fast and hard, indicating he was ready to go. The race car made the trip fun for all of us but of course by the end Bradley had enough of it. I did get some sympathy from a mother who loved the cart but said she struggled moving it and eventually decided it wasn't worth it for her kids.

With Bradley wherever we end up, he ALWAYS puts a smile on my face. Yesterday my little comedian tried driving with his feet. And yes he had no socks on because he takes them off and tries to eat them. He most definitely makes the best facial reactions which makes Chris and I laugh. He really is the best kid in my book. All in all Bradley enjoyed his car ride and I think it's another go for the next time.