Thursday, June 12, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 10

It was the lower fix.  I have to say I feel stronger.  My weight maintained and the workout was great.  I had of course done the workout previously but I was surprised that I didn't feel like throwing the weights this time.  I decided not to use the bands at all, from the experiences I had the day before and I fit into jeans that are a size smaller, and not sucking in and begging them to be zipped, they fit comfortably.  I can't complain one bit.

I'm planning on going on a vacation next week so that makes me worried.  It was an unexpected vacation but I'll bring my fix stuff with me.  I'll be offline the entire time and I'm not even sure there will be a dvd player for the workout videos.  I could just write down what I'm supposed to do and pray it gets done.  There will be no scale there either.  Oh boy.

I did make a shakeology yesterday after the workout.  I used chocolate shakeology, frozen strawberries, almond milk and a banana.  It was pretty good.  I drank it faster then I thought I would.

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