Saturday, June 14, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 12

It wasn't a good day.  It was raining, I was miserable, I had to make chocolate chip cookies for my kids and I had previously volunteered to make some for another event.  I didn't even lick my fingers.  I did find a recipe in the back of the 21 Day Fix Bible Eating Plan.  Yes to me it is the Bible of all books right now when it comes to following this diet.  The recipe called for it!! Turns out I didn't have oatmeal.  Insert miserable angry mama here.  To my surprise I found one packet of plain instant oatmeal.  I measured it out, it was a quarter of a cup (which I thought it was), then I divided the recipe in quarters and baked away.  You know what it was DELICIOUS and I felt like I cheated!  Turns out later in the day I did.  I ate too many yellow containers before I realized I did and once I did I thought screw it.  I'm miserable anyway, what's the difference.  Clearly I had a poor attitude.  I didn't work out either.  GAHHHH.....oh and my morning started out bad because I gained a pound.  Yesterday was a pity me wasn't today, but I think now that I got a nap today, I'm ok and ready for tomorrow.  Here's the cookie below and it was amazing!  I know my picture doesn't do it justice but at least I remembered to take a picture of something.

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