Wednesday, June 11, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 9

Day 9 came and left me.  It was a little crazy I'm realizing EVERY day is becoming with three kids, five and under.  I'm pretty sure my almost 6 month old is cutting her first teeth.  Awesome.  So proud of her but not enjoying the fussiness.  At least she's on a bit of a schedule.  Typically when she sleeps I try to workout but when she refuses to sleep it makes it hard, then it's catching up on everything else.

After dinner last night we rushed out for a t-ball game, came home, finished eating dinner and then did bedtime routine with the kids.  My husband was well aware I needed a break.  A lot of days I feel like I'm at my breaking point lately.  I think I'm not adjusted to lack of me time and with the third baby my second child is literally attached to me.  Some breathing room would be nice sometimes.  Regardless my husband saw it and when I was in the middle of adding all my things to make a shakeology last night, I decided no I needed to workout first.  I ran upstairs, changed then ran back downstairs to get my Upper Body Fix.  I cannot tell you how happy I was to do it.

This time around I used my weights for all of round one and then the band for round two to just get a feel for it.  To me the band is much easier.  I also am not very coordinated so I felt a little behind with the band and I didn't like it rubbing against my arms, it was weird.  Next time I'll stick to the weights, but now I know if I convince one of my friends to do it with me, I can give them the option of what they want and from my own experience know bands aren't for me but weights are.

My all time favorite exercise is something I don't remember what it's called, but you lay on your back with your heavy weights above your chest and slowly push them back behind your head.  The first time I did this exercise last week my five year old told me it looked dangerous.  I thought the same thing as I pictured my clumsiness dropping them.

Oh and one of the BEST parts of yesterday....when I weighed myself in the morning I was down 6.2 pounds from my start weight!  Holy crap!  It literally IS melting off.  I recommend this program so far.  I'll let you know at the end of my 21 days but so far it's amazing!  Maybe then if I'm brave I'll post before and after pictures.

Yesterday I also looked into getting my free fix coach but honestly I'm not so sure about that myself.  I'm sure it's great for some people but for me, I'm not so sure.  Plus I'm blogging about it, so if I decide in the end I don't like it I think it violates their terms and conditions but so far I LOVE it.

I'm starting to think of the next beach body workout series I want to try.

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