Monday, June 9, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 7

Yesterday started off great....I weighed myself in the morning and I lost just over 4 pounds!  It totally started my day off great.  Yesterday was a Yoga Fix day but with church, company, then a somewhat unexpected stop over, I didn't do it.  Guilt once again.  I did stick with the diet though and was VERY proud of myself since at church there were two different sets of people passing out cupcakes.  Some were vanilla and others chocolate.  Didn't I mention before cupcakes were a weakness.  It still is and I wanted so bad to eat one (or all of them).

Yesterday I also just wanted to give up on it all.  Not that it wasn't good or I wasn't getting results, because the scale clearly showed me results, but what I am tired of is eating healthy.  Seriously.  Give me some fatty cakes that include chocolate and make my butt skinnier.

My three year old had a fever so I took her to the store and we got ice-cream (which I passed on) and she wasn't eating well all day but really wanted "chickie nuggets" so I did pick her up some, and my husband wanted a soda (another thing I love, but gave up since nursing, although now I think I'm giving up nursing because of medication I'm on for a certain kidney stone, I have to dump all my milk I'm pumping).  Anyway I didn't even take a sip of his soda or one french fry.  Seriously throw me a bone.  I already decided on the 28th, when I'm five or six days out of finishing this and will be at a wedding, the cake is my reward.  This wedding cake better be good.  I also decided I'm still going to eat healthy all that week of the wedding because I am changing my eating habits in general and I don't want to gain back what I am losing plus more.

I didn't do shakeology yesterday, I need to find a new recipe because I'm getting bored with mine.  So I had extra protein and last night I made steak and eggs.  I just used leftover steak, cut it up into bite size pieces, cooked that up a bit with some onions and then added eggs and some deli ham (I had a lot of protein left over yesterday).  I can feel the weight loss in my face and arms.

During the day I attempted to do my belly measurements but they didn't change and I got bummed so I guess I'll wait until this is over to see if inches came off.  4.2 pounds of weight loss was good motivation and as I woke up this morning I'm glad I didn't give into the temptations of food.  Ohhhh how I LOVE food.

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