Sunday, June 8, 2014

21 Day Fix - Day 6

So it's "The Dirty 30" Day.....I'll have to admit I was excited to "find out" what this one was...turns out I honestly was running non stop from the moment I woke up.  I didn't get to do it and I feel guilty for not working out!  That's always a good sign right?

As soon as we woke up, I hit the shower, did breakfast, soccer game for my son, right from soccer to a birthday party from there home for his first big boy sleep over (he had his friend stay the night).  As I walked in the door I did someone's hair for prom, headed to the store to get a movie for the boys, we ate dinner, went to the park, put in the movie for the kids, I had shakeology, then bedtime for then. When I got back downstairs my husband was watching his show and we only have one TV and a disc stuck in our only computer.  I felt guilty.

At the party I did skip cake (which is a HUGE deal for me) and I did eat pizza, just deducted the containers I needed to.  It's great, I can have a slice of pizza on this diet!

Oh and my shakeology recipe was

Chocolate Shakeology
6 icecubes
1 cup coconut almond milk
1 T peanut butter

YUM!  I was so full I couldn't finish it all.

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